Reward your audience for supporting you

Create an income stream for both you and your audience by offering them to participate in payed research.

It's free and easy

Your audience's voice is valuable

Here is how we help you turn it into support for your projects

By offering your audience the opportunity to participate on online research you turn your followers into supporters. Each time one of your audience members completes a survey and makes their voice heard both you and then will generate income. With ACE you create a win-win way for your audience to support your creative projects.

How are we different from other funding methods?

Participation in surveys - right for any size audience

Regardless if you are just starting out our are an established creator offering your audience the ability to support you by participating in surveys is a quick and reliable way to start generating an income and reward your audience or their support.

Donations - good but not everyone can give

Asking your audience for donations is a great way to support your project but not everyone has the funds to share. With our platform your followers can support you and create some income for themselves

Ads - Low payout per person

Generating an income through ads can be difficult as you need a high volume of views to be able to earn enough. Additionally, ads can lower the experience for your audience when they are invasive or irrelevant

Sponsors - can be difficult to establish for new creators

Collaborating with sponsors to offer your audience exciting deals is a great way to reward them and make some money. Establishing partnership deals with sponsors can be difficult for new channels and may not be a reliable source for all creators

An easy way for your audience to support you

Choose your surveys

Whether a person has just a few minutes or some extra time to spare the user chooses what survey to participate in

Complete to earn

Each survey completed generates a reward for your audience. They can spend these rewards or cash them out for real money

The more your audience completes the more you make

Each complete will generate income for you. The more your audience completes the more you'll make.

We're powered by web 3.0

By using a the latest in distributed technology we ensure your audience's privacy and security is under their control

Distributed Identities

We know how valuable personal data is. That is why we use web 3.0 security to separate a users personal information from the application. Your audience's privacy is protected.

Rewards Points

With our distributed platform spending reward points becomes much easier. Web 3.0 technology gets your audience more value for their rewards. Distributed rewards can be implemented in creative new ways.

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